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A small team of go-getters in Boulder, CO had a dream: one place that brought together all of Boulder’s passions. It’s food, drink, work, play, families. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it was time to make it a reality.


The team came to Human Design for a new logo and website. I was working remotely as a senior designer in Asheville, NC, at the time. I flew to Boulder and met up with Justin Riley, one of the co-founders to walk through the construction site and get more background on the project. The more he spoke, the clearer it became that they were more than just a food park.




Not only was the name “Boulder Food Park” limiting in its scope, it was flat. Three nouns simply describing what one might expect. This did their vision no justice. The vision was to serve the people of Boulder, but not just with food and beer, but to give them a place to call their own.

Justin brought up the history of the old warehouse they were renovating. It was a plumbing shop. A neighborhood staple, owned an operated by a man named Marion Rayback, who served the people of Boulder for over 60 years.

Long story short, the Rayback family who survived Marion was honored and gave us their blessing. This space would carry his torch, and continue to serve the people of Boulder. After all, his name was still visible in the brick.

It’s difficult to hear that your baby has an identity problem. But kudos to them, they listened and aligned with the bigger picture. It was official, the Boulder Food Park was now the Rayback Collective.



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