Brand and web design

Hygge Power



Not only is Hygge bringing the home power outlet into the 21st century, but they’ve made me realize there’s so much I don’t know about the power in my home. This Boulder startup is out to bring power to the people, by giving folks control over their usage and empowering them to truly own it. Their flagship product, OPO, a smart device that simply levels-up any outlet, is set to launch early next year. I worked closely with their team on the official “hello world” package to ensure their look'n'feel was strong and clear as they entered the market.


Their words 

Hazeltine knocked it out of the park with our branding (story deck, presentations, style guideline, landing website, plus some!). We worked directly with David who has always been communicative, on time, on or under budget, and clearly scoped out the work creatively and uniquely. The quality is great and we owe a big thanks!
— Caleb Scalf, CEO and Founder

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