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Expo Trading

Expo is a brokerage app that makes decentralized margin trading easy. Their goal is to abstract the mechanics in a way that removes the current usability barrier to trading crypto.




“Building open-source protocols for decentralized margin trading and derivatives”

dYdX, the folks behind Expo, are doing some pretty heavy stuff.

Full disclosure: I barely have a grasp on what any of it means. Lucky for me, since their goal was to be “the simplest way to margin trade cryptocurrency,” my goal was to simply create an approachable brand for the average crypto trader.




The dYdX team was keen on something short and sweet, that gave a nod to their core discipline: Math! If that wasn’t clear by the umbrella company being named after a formula ;) We all quickly rallied around Expo. A word that concisely combines (1) exponent: success and growth with (2) exposition: explanation and public exposure.




After landing on the concept of exponents, there was an immediate curiosity to explore a superscript composition. Something in the top-right corner of something else. After some sketching, the team identified another industry reference: a moon. The team clued me in to the phrase “to the moon”, which is crypto slang for a data spike. In price. Or popularity. Space, of course, also appropriately connotes a futuristic vibe.

This heavily influenced the final result, which leans directly into the depiction of a moon, and more peripheral aspects like a cool, spacey color palette and the inclusion of star-like crosshairs and grids.



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